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FEB 24, 2018 - HOUSTON - Completed

MAR 24, 2018 - HOUSTON​

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Dear CEO, if you have a great business idea that requires capital to launch, or you just want your business to run more smoothly we can help.  As a CEO or CEO in the making, you need a blueprint, a high level lender ready "bankable" business plan from CEO Consulting. 

Bankers are pulling their hair out at the amount of unqualified, unprepared business owners seeking capital, business loans. funding, etc.  Many financial institutions are sitting on tons of money they want to use as sponsorship or just give away and the CEO's are presenting less than substantial plans to gain access to the available funding. Bankers tell us that less that 20% of the plans presented are just not prepared.

You can have access to a nationally recognized Financial Consultant, business coach and mentor who improves operational performance, and financial results. 

We coach entrepreneurs who want access to the coaching, expertise, and guidance required to insure the sustainable growth and profitability of their business. For many entrepreneurs, their ability to evaluate, internalize and act on the recommendations received from CEO Consulting was the key driver to building a sustainable business.

Here’s what we do know. Frequently our clients tell us their ability to implement our recommendations was instrumental in the financial success of their business. To sustain long term growth and remain profitable you must increase sales, consistently deliver a client excellent experience and become more efficient in all aspects of running your business.

Our methodology was built on 4+ decades of successful history, performance and results – not theory.  We deliver real solutions, to improve our clients operational efficiency, financial performance and drive results.

Join us with other likeminded professionals for a (6) hour laser focused business plan lab.
(In-Person or Live Stream)

If you went to a 2-hour session before you probably left frustrated with an enormous amount of D.I.Y homework, spent countless hours completing it and it is still not lendor ready and possibly just gave up on completing your business plan altogether. 

In just 6 hours, you will build a solid business plan; supported by a team of Think Tank experts acting as a advisory board for your business. If you are in Houston and want to be coached and have a business team who will act as your advisory board; hurry and register we are filling up in-person quickly; there are a few in-person spaces left. HOWEVER, you do not need to be here to gain access to this VALUABLE course.  Live streaming the event will also be available. 
  1. 9:00
    Why your blueprint is the Key to Unlocking Success. During this hour you will begin writing your plan and tell the marketplace who you are, what you do, we will show you how you will put it all together. Work your objectives, mission, business feasibility and how to pitch your plan in 2 mins or less aka your Executive Summary - Summarized - Go Macro
  2. 11:00
    Corporate Postioning
    Roll up your sleeves - dig in and get your team and structure right! Be crystal clear on your products and services chart and manage your growth. Position yourself in the marketplace; and answer how you are an Eagle and how will your business be sustainable. Essential Logistics and Market Analysis.
  3. 1:00
    Strategy and Implementation
    Go Micro - Now that you know who you are, your logistics are clear, let's move on. Do you know your customer? Now let's communicate your vision in writing. Become efficient on paper in all aspects of your business. Let's deal with your growth, sales and bottom Line.
  4. 2:00
    Financial Forecast
    How to make your business bankable - clear policy, procedures, agreements & contracts. Sale terms, invoicing, cash flow projection. Bottom line, get your money right and establish your terms of business. NPM (Net Profit Margin) Focus on hitting your daily production and activity goals and your annual goals will take care of itself.


Marc's goal with his Expert Team of partners is to help create and grow young businesses as well as mature businesses, by providing them with necessary advisory support, proven methods and strategies to build and have financially sustainable businesses and in some cases introduce them to financial sources, investors, and bankers.   

Your expert team have all been and presently are successful entrepreneurs themselves; as such, have been able to challenge and help further define vision, strategy and a blueprint for 1000's of other entrepreneurs such as yourselves.

This isn't because of their high figure paying corporate jobs they have previously held or because of a business school degree earned at an Ivy League school; but thanks to their personal experience in the trenches they understand the future for you and your business depends on their willingness to run with you on your journey.  
  1. CEO Financial Consultant
    Marc E Davenport
    CEO Financial Consultant
    Financial consultant, and business coach improves operational performance, and financial results.
  2. CEO Executive Coach - Strategist
    Grace L Holden
    CEO Executive Coach - Strategist
    Re-Invent CEO's. Certified Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker, Leadership Development, Author. Visit Risk Taker, Fierce, Bold and Audacious


If you are on this site - you have a CEO Mindset

Welcome and Congratulations on making your dream a reality.  You may be called an ExtremePrenuer, a New Entrepreneur, a seasoned Business Owner, Risk Taker, ParallelPrenuer (Still hold a job and working your dream), an Author, a Speaker, the Leader of your organization; but what we know is this - YOU DON'T quit or lose.  This is for you.

We invite you to become a part of the BluePrint4CEO by joining our session.  This is a day filled with the most valuable information you can get and you leave with an extremely fluid working product - this is about access to the Expert - flying where the air is thin; where the Eagles Soar. We offer multiple other wealth workshops only accessible after your first session with us. This is not about a written plan; this is an INVENT AS YOU GO plan. You need help, cash and a great big PUSH!  This is a best kept secret and we are opening it up for the first time to the general public. 

Beyond the Business Plan course...

We work with CEO's 1- on -1

What is our typical process for working with a new Coaching Client?
A 90-minute strategic assessment, recommendation and navigate a plan focused on 1 large project or program you are launching or tackling an obstacle that keeps getting you stuck. There will be a 30 minutes assessment and we will spend the last 60 minutes creating a strategic plan that focuses each of your steps in purposeful, profit focused activities.

What types of customers have Marc worked with previously?
In 2002 Mr. Davenport’s first client was Lee Daniels, the award-winning producer of Monsters Ball and Precious. Over the next 7 years Mr. Davenport was retained to secure over $450,000,000 in private capital for a host of entertainment and private investment deals. Now he is helping the masses, CEOs just like you! View his LinkedIn for a detailed BIO.

What questions should customers think through before talking to professionals about their project?

Have a clear 1, 3, & 5 year vision for your business with Identified measurable goals that support the business vision.

Do you have effective my time management skills?
What is the greatest and best use of your time?

Are you able to transform problems and frustrations into opportunities? Are you willing to give up weeks or months of your time for a "FREE" program or will you invest in you with a small start up cost of $197 for the opportunity of a lifetime.  Well guess what, you can do both; but if you had to just pick - one. Pick wisely

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